Welcome to COSMOBIT dimension!
It's a fresh international brand, bringing to society 6 different directions:
music & videos, world's live 3D shows, fashion & gifts online store,
3D visual art galleries, 3D movies, video games.

Also COSMOBIT is an electronic
musician-performer and sound producer,
permanently promoting all over the world
a magnetic music style - FUTURETECH,

keep on creating digital art in Miami.

Project COSMOBIT was created by
Vit RAXY - designer-multifuturist, brander,
musician, 3D animator, director, actor,
VJ, video clip maker and a founder
of multimedia corporation 4RAXY.

Multibrand COSMOBIT - progressive multimedia and design products. We believe, COSMOBIT can change the life

by the incredible energy of art, making the life more and more playful. JUST PLAY!

Discover a new entertainment era with

an exciting digital experience, that will

give you a pleasant modern flavor, real joy, positivity, funny moods, with a bunch

of delight and Megaplesure!

Get melt with euphoria into a depths of impressive music, freaky characters and futuristic design.

A tiny BIT of COSMOS can totally involve you to an amazing flow by the influence of visual and sound art.

Feel your new emotions, find and explore your inner dimension with inspiration by COSMOBIT!

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