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COSMOBIT is a multi-futurist, visual artist, filmmaker, electronic music producer and drummer based in Miami, Florida, USA.


Also COSMOBIT is a multi-brand and one-of-a-kind project that has so many creative facets: from mesmerizing Acrylic and Canvas Wall Art and stylish Apparel to progressive Electronic Music and Cosmos-Inspired Films. All of them are united under one word - FUTURISM.


COSMOBIT is inspired to share his passion for interstellar adventures, his Aesthetics and Creative Vision. He invites you to go on a brand new exciting journey that will expand your perception horizons and reveal yet unknown sensations, sounds and vibes, all of which you can explore in COSMOBIT DIMENSION.


COSMOBIT was fascinated by stars, galaxies and space crafts since childhood. He was pulled to drawing, painting and creating at the age of 4 and became an art school student at 8 years old. Since 14 COSMOBIT took drum lessons and started his first band in his early teens.

After painting, playing drums and touring with multiple bands for several years COSMOBIT got into design and digital art which led him to study construction/design/refueling system of the Flying Crafts at University. All throughout his student years COSMOBIT studied graphic design, photography, videography, 3D design, animation, special effects and music production.


All those creative pursuits and years of mastering his craft brought COSMOBIT a successful international career in design/multimedia industry and resulted in a unique and impressive project “ COSMOBIT”.


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